Is Xero the Best
Accounting Software Available?


At Northern Accountant we think it stands out above the rest…

After years of managing business accounts, we’ve analysed a vast array of Accounting Software available, and what we can confidently say about Xero is that it’s the most advanced accounting software out there.

It’s intuitive, yet it also contains a wealth of information that we’ve used to manage our client’s finances and business insights with great success time and time again.

It’s for this reason that we chose Xero as our cloud accounting software at Northern Accountants as it supports our forward-thinking approach and dedication to providing clients with an excellent service. This is why we believe Xero is the best accounting software available.

Cloud Accounting and saving time and money

Here are 5 ways Xero is better than your regular accounting software: 

  • Complete Automation:

With Xero, you’re able to take full control of your accounts. More specifically, the way your money is managed throughout your business, allowing you to automate your incoming payments, outgoings, and scheduled payments to staff or suppliers.

  • Compare Business Performance:

Get insights into how your business is performing, comparing your finances against other months with detailed metrics.

Xero allows you to predict how your finances might differ depending on varying scenarios. Such as late payments or reduced funding for example. This allows you to make better business decisions. As they say, “knowledge is power”.

Xero and saving money

  • Easy Staff Payment Scheduling:

Xero has a dedicated Payroll section, which allows you to keep track of payments to your staff, including being able to track working hours and changes in government legislation.

  • Automated Invoice Chasing:

No need to waste another day chasing clients for late payments, Xero keeps on top of business payments in a friendly and intuitive way – allowing you to focus on more important things.

The best thing is this is just the tip of the iceberg of what Xero has to offer…

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