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Let us help you get the most out
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As Yorkshire’s #1 ranked XERO provider, our team of certified trainers are with you every step of the way

What makes us #1?

  • Platinum Xero Partner
  • Conversion service
  • App advice and set up support
  • Bespoke branding
  • Tailor the lesson duration to suit your learning style
  • Dedicated Cloud Training Academy
  • Receive videos of training for you to refer back to
  • Receive homework on your business to test your knowledge
  • Support from Xero Certified Advisors
  • 90 Day intensive support window
  • Walk though the first VAT and/or CIS submissions
  • Follow up calls to make sure you are okay
  • Certificate of completion
  • Keep in touch with regular updates

Your XERO journey


Whether you are currently using Xero and looking for extra support or a complete newbie, we will take care of you

  • Thinking of moving?

    If you are not on Xero yet but are considering moving, we can have a look at your business’ position and advise on how Xero could help you

  • Expert advice

    We will have a meeting with you to understand your business, future plans and financial position a bit better. After that, we will be able to give you expert advice on what would be the most beneficial for you

  • Conversion

    If you decide you are happy to move over to Xero, we will be able to do the conversion for you from either a spreadsheet or any other accounting software, as well as transferring your past years’ data

  • Already using XERO?

    If you have already discovered the beauty of working with Xero and managing your finances easily and would like to make the move to Northern Accountants, you are on the right track as have done the first step

  • Free healthcheck

    As a first step, we will run a free health check to see if there is anything we would need to have a closer look at to get your accounts into the right starting position

  • Fix your records

    Having a report of the quality of your Xero will allow us to fix or help you fix the problems be they unreconciled transactions, duplicate or multi-coded contacts or regular supplier issues

  • App Stack

    We will check if there are any Xero app integrations that could help your business massively, save time, money or improve your future planning and cash flow. E.g. Dext, Telleroo, Chaser, Float, Stripe

  • Bespoke Training

    Whether you are on Xero already or a complete newbie, we offer Xero training for all levels. Our sessions are tailor-made for your desires to make sure you learn what you need and want

  • Helpdesk support

    After your training, we offer ongoing support for you, so if you have any questions then you can still reach out to our team of Xero experts for further assistance


All our training courses are tailored to the individual needs of
you and your business. Get insights from our team of experts
to analyse how Xero can help achieve your goals.

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Client Stories

“Exceptional service from Northern Accountants, the staff are friendly and responsive. I feel valued as a customer.
Recently vat registered and have just gone across to the Xero accounts system, my first impressions are that it will make my life a lot easier.
The in house training is enjoyable and a very personal service.
Would highly recommend.”

Brian Schofield

Sherwood Fireplaces Ltd.

App Partners


Your accounts could be in perfect condition however, your
business could be missing some vital tracking or financial
management information.

Get a free report on the health of your Xero and improve
your bookkeeping record to outstanding quality.

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