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Bespoke training and ongoing
support to maximise the full
potential of your accounting app

Training is the essence of transformation

Accounting software is a highly valuable asset to any business, automating many of the functions that would otherwise take hours of your time. It does not matter if you have never used Xero and you are new to it, or you have been enjoying the benefits of it for quite some time and need some extra support, we are here to meet your needs.

Structure of your training

As your training is structured around your business, what you are looking to achieve, and your learning style; you will receive a bespoke training program that delivers what you need at the pace you need it.  

Usually, sessions are split into shorter segments where we will focus on certain aspects of Xero before breaking for you to practice in your own time between training. However, we can also break the sessions down even further and work on the key areas that are tailored to your interests and needs, or even put sessions together and have longer, more intense training. 

  • Step 1.

    Initial meeting

    Determine the type and length of training you require, as well as additional support needed

  • Step 2.

    Moving accounts

    Before the start of your training, we’ll first move your accounts over (if required), or set them up if you are a new company and brand it for your company

  • Step 3.

    Training plan

    Outline the upcoming sessions and list the required items for your training, e.g. paperwork, purchase and sales invoices, bank details etc.

  • Step 4.

    Training sessions

    One or multiple meetings with your trainer with homework and training videos provided for future reference. Certificate of completion

  • Step 5.

    Ongoing support

    90-day intensive support window and follow up calls. Opportunity to sign up for ongoing exclusive Xero support from our team of Xero experts

After your training, you’ll have gained detailed knowledge of Xero. So much so that you’ll be able to run your internal finance function smoothly and efficiently.

We recommend Xero training if you would like to

  • have modern and easy to use accounting software
  • change to a cloud-based accounting system
  • transform how you are able to manage your accounts
  • become more confident using Xero
  • learn Xero on a more advanced level
  • already a Xero user but requires some refresher training
  • not sure you are using Xero properly to get the most out of it
  • use Xero’s special add-ons, like CIS and projects
  • be able to prepare your own VAT return
  • be able to run your internal finance function smoothly and
  • have continuous support to guide you every step of the way

What can you choose from?

  • Lite

    4-hour session (in total) for a basic understanding of Xero, your accounts, your dashboard and the numbers. Ideal for beginners who only need to know the essentials, or for those with smaller or new businesses

  • Advanced

    8-hour session in 2-3 hour blocks. Ideal for those who would like a comprehensive understanding of Xero and are looking to produce their own bookkeeping, VAT returns, CIS etc.

  • Refresher

    2-hour session for brushing up on your existing Xero knowledge, tailored to your needs to make sure we touch point on all important parts. Ideal for those who have used Xero before, but need a refresher


  • You will confidently be able to run your finance function entirely on your own
  • You will have more time to spend on your sales and business development
  • You will be able to learn at your own pace
  • Tailored classes for your needs, so you don’t waste time or money on something you don’t need
  • One to one tuition so you can ask any questions from our Certified Advisors
  • Ongoing support from our Xero experts after your training is finished
  • Training is on your own account, not a test or dummy account, so you have the option to learn your bookkeeping in an environment that is familiar
  • Receive homework on your business to test your knowledge
  • Receive videos of training on your account for you to refer back
    to in the future

Client Stories

“Exceptional service from Northern Accountants, the staff are friendly and responsive. I feel valued as a customer.

Recently vat registered and have just gone across to the Xero accounts system, my first impressions are that it will make my life a lot easier.

The in-house training is an enjoyable and very personal service.

Would highly recommend.”


Brian Schofield
Sherwood Fireplaces


  • + I don’t currently use Xero, is that a problem?

    If you’re a brand new company, the Xero set-up is straightforward. Our team of Xero experts will carry it out prior to your training, so you will be able to learn on your own company’s accounts.

  • + I would like to move to Xero but am concerned about the disruption to my business?

    This is a common concern but our team of Xero experts will take care of everything behind the scenes, from migrating all your information onto Xero, conducting a full health check to make sure any issues in your accounts are identified and fixed. Following your training, and only when you are 100% happy, we will agree on a launch date.

  • + How Much Does Your Xero Training Cost?

    The cost all depends on the level of training you require. Including, whether you require a transfer of data from another accounting software – among other variables that differ from business to business.

  • + How can I sign up?

    You can get in touch with us if you just click here. You can just fill the form out and we will be in touch with you to discuss your needs and book your training day.

  • + I would like you to do my bookkeeping, is there a need to do the training then?

    If you would like to sign up for our full finance function, where we do your bookkeeping, we still recommend doing the lite training. It will give you insights into your account, which allows you to understand your financial position and gives you the power to run reports for yourself.

  • + I don’t want to become your client, can I still receive ongoing support after my training is finished?

    We do have our 90 days support window for all of our clients who attended one of our training. We do follow-up calls to make sure that everything you have learnt is settled and you are happy to work on your own bookkeeping. Once the 90 days window is gone, we can offer you extra training if necessary.

  • + What does the ongoing support mean?

    Being our client has its benefits, as you are either on internal or external bookkeeping with us, we do provide Xero support during working hours for all of our clients. If you have a question, you can just email or call us and we will be here to answer your enquiry.

  • + I am not a tech-savvy expert, will I still be able to learn it or is it a waste of time and money?

    Xero is the most user-friendly accounting software. It does not use accounting language, so anyone can understand what the individual items mean. We are sure that you will be able to learn it at your own pace. To make you even more confident, we have designed the homework and training videos for you to make sure you have something to rely on when you need it on top of our ongoing support during working hours.

  • + I already use Xero, is there a way to check if I use it correctly?

    Yes, of course. We have our free Xero health check tool. You can request it here. You just need to give access to your Xero and we will be able to run a report for you, where our software will point out the missing items, wrong reconciliation, duplicate contacts etc. It is a powerful tool to make sure that you start your training from the right place. However, if you would like to use your training to learn to fix your records, that is a great opportunity as well.

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