Payroll team

Accurate and fast wages to your employees
without spending ages on the calculation
Taking care of payrolls is usually the one thing no business owner would like to deal with and can leave to the last minute when it should be one of the most important things

You need to make sure that your employees are paid on time and accurately as there is nothing worse than having an employee paid the wrong amount or not paid in time. It can lead to wasted time, demotivation or even moving team members.

Our payroll department will make sure that your team and HMRC submissions are paid correctly and on time. We also offer to produce your P11Ds for your convenience.

Furthermore, with our payments system, we are able to make these payments on your behalf to save a considerable amount of time and effort for you. We use the Telleroo software where you can authorise these based on the information we provide, then make a single payment to that account which will disburse funds to the right places.

We also take responsibility for any amendments or requests from HMRC, so you do not need to deal with those and spend time sorting out the enquiry.

Key Components

  • PAYE

  • Payroll

  • Pension

  • Statutory payroll calculation

  • Payroll journals

  • P11D

Why is it beneficial for you?

  • Wages calculated correctly and timely
  • HMRC submissions are accurate and on time
  • Saves time and energy with the option of payments
  • Reduces the incorrect payments
  • Reduces stress as everything is paid as it should be
  • Satisfied employees
  • Less chance of disgruntled team members due to wrong calculations
  • Easy and 24/7 accessible software and phone application for payrolls
  • Avoid penalties and interest payments as all submissions to HMRC are on time 
  • Saves the headache of dealing with any amendments or requests from HMRC

Client Stories

“I have used Northern Accountants for 2 years now after their acquisition of my previous accountants. They provide a professional, reliable service and look after many aspects including a weekly payroll for our contract workforce (we’re a recruitment agency), monthly internal payroll, forecasting and everything else you can think of.”


Mark Lyons
Calibre Search Ltd.

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