Tax Team

Comprehensive personal tax planning,
returns, and advice for directors
and shareholders
High on every company’s agendas are taxes. How much corporation tax they need to pay, what their VAT liabilities are etc. Personal taxes, however, can be pushed down the pecking order but they are just as important. 

Our tax team’s job is very much around the directors and shareholders’ personal tax position. We will work with you to ensure that you are extracting money in the most tax-efficient way possible. We will also help you to plan for the future with our inheritance tax advice.

Our tax department provides a holistic view of your company tax liabilities and personal financial position. With this service, you have got a clear and planned remuneration strategy to ensure that it is as tax efficient as possible. We will also present all the information in an easy to understand format so you know exactly what to pay and when. 

Key Components

  • Director’s personal tax return

  • Shareholders’ personal tax returns

  • Inheritance tax

  • Capital Gains preparation and submission

Why is it beneficial for you?

  • Saves money on taxes
  • Helps to plan for the future
  • Provides a complete view of your tax liabilities
  • Creates a remuneration strategy
  • Shows the amount and due date of the tax payment
  • Reduces future stress with pre-planning for inheritance tax
  • Saves time as we produce and submit these tax returns for you
  • Prevents getting a penalty as it has been filed on time
  • Frees you up to focus on more important things in life
  • Look after those closest to you with our Inheritance Tax advice
  • Work confidently with your dedicated Client Manager

Client Stories

“My companies have been with Northern Accountants for over three years and in that time have proved their value. They have helped streamline our processes and guided us through using various software. They assisted us with the last 2 years Research and Development applications helping us to access funds from the Government scheme. Great team of people who are always on hand to help and would thoroughly recommend Northern Accountants.”


Kate Denyer
Quantus PSM Ltd.

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