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At Northern Accountants, we love being part of your company’s success and growth. We want to be more than just your basic Accountant. Instead, we want to give you the full range of our experience and support to make a real difference. Not only will we know your business inside out, but you will too. As a finance director, we can produce monthly or quarterly reports for you, where we will create budgets and measure the performance of the business against expectations.

Want more? Then let us set up basic forecasts where we revise the budgets in line with what we’ve learnt from the budget and the performance analysis. This will allow us to predict what the rest of the year is going to look like.

For complex financial needs, we will produce spotlight reports, which are three-way financial forecasting, including profit loss, balance sheets and cash flows. They are integrated and give a much more detailed and technical overview of how the business is performing now, as well as modelling future scenarios. 

Key Components

  • Budgets

  • Forecasting

  • Management information

  • Cashflow forecasting

  • Balance sheet

  • Profit-loss statement

Why is it beneficial for you?

  • Provides full transparency of how your business has performed
  • Shows how your business performed against the expectations
  • Offers a vision of where your business is going to end up at the end of the financial year or a 12-month rolling forecast
  • Allows you to make strategic business decisions based on timely, accurate, and precise information
  • Helps you manage taxes, remuneration for the directors, growth, investment, asset purchases, team additions and future projects
  • Reduces stress around future planning
  • Helps you achieve your short and long-term goals with your finances and personal life as well
  • Tracks success and failure on the projects and helps you invest for the future
  • Makes you feel safe and comfortable in your business decisions
  • Benefit from having a dedicated Financial Director who is available to you
  • Considerably cheaper than employing full-time equivalents 

Client Stories

“As the sole director of a small but fast-growing business, the constant demands of having a well managed and up to date Accounting management system, to enable me to ‘Know My Numbers’ has been extremely difficult. Add to this not having a Financial Director has made making strategic / investment decisions just as problematic.

Since appointing Northern Accountants as my all-round Accounting support partner, I have never felt so confident about my numbers, I now have peace of mind that the day to day is being well managed and my legal obligations are being well supported in a timely manner.

For a very competitive monthly fee – Northern Accountants – now facilitate my whole Financial Management support package including:

– Personal and Business Accounting
– Bookkeeping including day to day management
– VAT and PAYE management
– Full Payroll Management
– Monthly and Annual Management Account reporting
– Financial Project Management support
– Along with the respective supporting systems and support structures, leaving me with the time and energy to continue to grow and maximise my profits

I cannot recommend Northern Accountants highly enough, Phil and the team are doing me a brilliant job and I am proud to be associated with such a professional and accomplished organisation.”


Gary Routledge
Sondad Ltd.

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