Accounts team

Accurate and timely year-end account
production for your business
The accounts team is the most basic department in every accountancy firm. Everyone produces year-end accounts since the government made it a legal requirement for any limited company to be sent to HMRC and Companies House.

Our accounts department produces the year-end accounts for you in the statutory formats that are required to ensure that all legal obligations are met. This paperwork includes a profit-loss statement, a balance sheet, supporting notes about the accounts and a director’s report. This gives a true, accurate, and fair view of the company.

We also provide the tax computation and make those submissions on your behalf ensuring that they are done timely and accurately, and you remain within the legislation.

We aim to deliver these within three months of the financial year-end, so you are aware of your tax position well in advance of when it is actually due. The quicker we get the information, the quicker we will have them ready – our team is on hand to respond to your needs.

Key Components

  • Pre-year end tax review

  • Annual accounts

  • Statutory year-end accounts

  • Month-end reports

  • R&D corporation tax

  • Land remediation tax planning

Why is it beneficial for you?

  • Accounts filed correctly and on time
  • Reduces stress on falling out of legislation
  • Ensuring there are no fines for late filing or misstatement
  • Pre-Year end tax meeting at the end of month nine
  • Gives a true and accurate fair view of the company
  • Receives tax computation 
  • Saves time as we make submissions on your behalf
  • Permits you to make changes as it is not at the last minute to submit
  • Shows you what your tax liabilities are likely to be ahead of time

Client Stories

“I have now been working with Northern Accountants for 5 years and have never looked back. Great leadership from Phil runs throughout the staff and I find each of my contacts extremely helpful each and every time I speak with them. They have helped me organise my business beautifully. I know where I am with creditors/creditors, my vat and corporation tax each and every month. I find Northern Accountants to be hugely proactive suggesting ways to always improve my business. Phil, Sarah and Shaun look after me beautifully and I genuinely feel that they are a huge asset to the business. Well done!”


Jonathan Southcott
This is Chemistry Ltd.

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