9th April 2024

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Goalball UK and Northern Accountants 
Celebrate a Year in Partnership

Northern Accountants and GoalBall partnership

Over the last 12 months, Northern Accountants has stepped forward to support the UK’s leading charity supporting blind and partially sighted people to play goalball, Goalball UK.

This partnership not only amplifies Goalball UK’s mission to transform lives through sport but also sets a precedent for how businesses can contribute meaningfully to societal well-being.

Northern Accountants, renowned for their expertise and integrity in the financial world, have taken a remarkable step by backing the UK’s National Governing Body for goalball. This strategic support allows the charity to concentrate more effectively on its core mission: to enhance the quality of life for individuals who are blind or partially sighted through the exhilarating sport of goalball.

“By joining forces with Northern Accountants, we can focus even more on our vital work, ensuring that every individual who plays goalball can lead a more fulfilling and independent life,” said Mark Winder, CEO of Goalball UK. 

“Northern Accountants’ commitment to our cause is a shining example of how corporate entities can genuinely make a difference in the community” added Mark.

Phil Ellerby, the owner of Northern Accountants, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “It’s more than just a responsibility; it’s our privilege to support such an impactful charity. We believe in creating a positive social impact, and this collaboration with the goalball community is a testament to our commitment to giving back to society. It’s about making a real difference where it counts.”

As a charity Goalball UK recognises the importance of robust financial management. Northern Accountants’ support extends beyond financial contributions, offering expertise in financial planning and management, thereby ensuring that the charity’s resources are maximized for the greatest impact.

“I’ve seen first-hand how our support can transform lives, and it’s incredibly rewarding,” noted Phil. “We’re not just accountants; we’re part of a larger community, and we’re committed to contributing to its well-being.”

Echoing Phil’s sentiments, Mark added, “The expertise and support from Northern Accountants empower us to navigate financial complexities with confidence. This partnership is a cornerstone of our success and enables us to help people play more goalball”

As Goalball UK and Northern Accountants continue to build on their partnership, the future looks brighter for individuals playing goalball in the UK. Through the unifying power of sport and the commitment of corporate allies, Goalball UK is set to create more opportunities and celebrate the achievements of the blind and partially sighted community.

For more information about Goalball UK and how you can support their mission, visit their website to learn more. To learn more about Northern Accountants and their services, check out their working with us’ page.