By Jayne Waugh

Here at Northern Accountants, we provide classroom and remote Xero Training for your teams, and for independent business owners.

Xero platinum partner badge on Northern Accountants websiteYou’ll also be happy to know that we’re a Xero Platinum Partner. This means you’ll get all the attention and professional training you deserve.

In the real world, what does this mean?

By using our training, you’ll have gained a wealth of knowledge that will allow you to completely transform how you’re able to manage your accounts. Not only that, but you’ll also have continuous support to guide you every step of the way by our team.

All in all, our Xero experts are dedicated to providing a comprehensive, and a bespoke training experience that’s been recommended time-and-time again by our clients.
text overlay on a Xero screen with a positive customer review of Northern Accountants servicesHere’s what one of our clients has to say:

“Since instructing Northern Accountants and transferring our accounts onto the software package Xero we now have instant access to both profit and loss, tax liabilities and the ability to upload our expenses directly through receipt bank. I would like to thank Michael and Jayne for their time and commitment. A real game changer!” Zoe – Worksop Woodmill Limited

In short, it’s our mission to help as many businesses to become more confident using Xero – freeing up more time to grow your business and live the ideal work-life balance.

Need more proof? Keep reading to learn more about our Xero training for business owners…

  1. Why Choose Xero?
  2. How our Xero Training is Structured?
  3. How long does our Xero Training last?
  4. What’s inside our Xero Training?
  5. How much does our Xero Training cost?
  6. What Next?

Why Choose Xero?

computer screen with a Xero logon on the front with a question mark on the side

Accounting software is a highly valuable asset to any business, automating many of the functions that would otherwise take hours of your time.

If you’re a complete beginner to using a cloud-based accounting system, Xero is for you. Why? Because it allows for easy navigation for non-tech savvy experts.

Digital Automation

Xero will help your business by allowing you to manage your cash flow and taxes – without going through the trouble of manual data entry.

It does this by allowing for additional App integration, which makes the scanning of receipts and bills easier than ever before – which are automatically uploaded into Xero.

Therefore, the combination of functionality, easy to navigate interface, valuable features and intelligent automation – makes Xero second to none.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Xero’s cloud enablement means that you can use Xero online on a variety of mobile devices. This includes your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC.

Essentially, this means that you can have access to your finances anywhere in the world at the touch of a button.

This is really helpful if you’re travelling for work and you suddenly find yourself needing important financial data, immediately.

How Our Xero Training Is Structured?

As part of your onboarding meeting, we will determine exactly what length of training you require. Such as, if you require additional support if you’re new to cloud-accounting, which we’ll be more than happy to guide you every step of the way.

Moving Accounts

Before you started with your Xero training, we’ll first move your accounts over from your current accounting system.

This is all done by our Xero experts prior to your first training session.

If you’re a brand new company, the Xero set-up is straight forward – and again, this is also carried out prior to your training.

Already set up on Xero? Sign up for a FREE Xero Health Check here

Training Guidelines

Once you’re all set up on Xero, we’ll outline what we’ll be covering in the upcoming sessions.

The training is currently done remotely via Google hangouts where we share screens and data in a simple and easy-to-follow format.

However, if you prefer classroom training, and if we’re not limited by COVID-19 restrictions, we can do ‘in-house training’ where all the appropriate safety measure will be covered.

Then, after your initial setup and consultation, you’ll be contacted prior to your training with a list of items which you’ll need to bring with you to the training session.

These may include paperwork, purchase invoices, sales invoices, your laptop, and your bank details. Additionally, we may ask you for your company logo and your business details to brand your Xero account.

How Long Does Our Xero Training Last?

As the training is structured around your own circumstances and your understanding of Xero, we will then determine how much training you actually require.

Furthermore, support will always be given after the training sessions until you feel confident in using the software efficiently. This can be carried out over the telephone, email, or a simple video to resolve any questions you may have.

For those of you who may be nervous about moving your accounts to a cloud-based system, there’s no need to worry! Our Xero experts take the utmost care and due-diligence when handling your accounts – we’ve done this thousands of times.

What’s Inside Our Xero Training?

After your training, you’ll have gained detailed knowledge of Xero. So much so that you’ll be able to run your internal finance function smoothly and efficiently.

What’s included in our Xero training?

Our Structure

As for structure… We split the sessions into shorter segments. Which in our experience, helps people to learn much quicker.

We can also break the sessions down even further and work on the key areas that you’re most interested in. This way, you’ll learn more effectively, getting what you really need for your business – instead of a generic training course.

As a bonus, we’ll also design homework for your specific needs. This will be given to you after each session – helping you to be ready for your next lesson!

Bespoke Support

Additionally, if there are any processes within your business that need additional care, we can assist you in integrating and implementing the appropriate App that works with Xero.

Lastly, we’re dedicated to making sure you get the most out of the Xero platform.

By the end of the training session, you’ll have confidence in using the software extensively.

How Much Does Our Xero Training Cost?

The cost all depends on the level of training you require. Including, whether you require a transfer of data from another accounting software – among other variables that differ from business to business.

This can be discussed in more detail with one of our Xero advisors.

What Next?

For business owners big or small, Xero is the software of choice for advanced, yet easy accounts management and making tax digital compliant.

Xero gives you an insight into how your business is performing, future performance metrics, payment scheduling and improved time management.

If you are ready to move to the Cloud and streamline your internal accounting function, then please contact one of our Xero advisors. We’ll be happy to discuss your training needs further in more detail.

Please telephone  – 0113 218 955 or email

As a Xero Platinum Partner, we can guarantee a smooth transition to the cloud!