By Robyn Jones

There are two ways to pay off an invoice in Xero using multiple payments.

  • The first way is to do it directly through the bank if the payments have come from a bank account.
  • The second way is to pay it directly to the invoice. This method can be used if payments did not come from a bank account.

The first method of paying off invoices using multiple payments is directly from the bank.

As usual, you would select the ‘find and match’ tab on your payment in the bank.

Once you have searched and selected the invoice you would like to pay, the word ‘split’ will appear before the amount. Here, a new tab will appear for you to enter the amount that you would like to pay off the invoice.

When you have made a payment against the invoice, you will have the outstanding amount left on your ledger that is still to be paid.

The second way you can pay (or part-pay) an invoice in Xero using multiple payments, is using the payment box at the bottom of the invoice.

All you’ll need to do is enter the amount, date, payment method, and reference as shown below:

What Next?

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