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When it comes to bookkeeping and maintaining financial records, there are 2 ways to do this. Do it yourself or get someone else to do it (internally or externally). Either way what degree of certainty do businesses have that it is being done right? The truth is probably none, its opinion and that will be based on instinct and trust but that is not enough for most important part of business

Xero bookkeeping, everything you need to know

So, how do your Xero accounts look?

The truthful answer is you don’t know… well let us tell you, we will score your Xero health check out of 100 and provide you a detailed report on the improvements that need to be made and areas in which you are exposed for tax purposes.

We’ll show you where your data needs cleaning up…

Giving you complete insight into the improvements you need to make to strengthen the integrity of your accounting data.

We’ll give you financial insights into key control accounts like you have never seen before…

Highlighting the numbers that fundamentally affect your Cash Flow, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet but you rarely look at

We’ll give you an action plan for improvement

Providing you with a valuable plan of action to improve the quality of your bookkeeping and financial information which will help you make informed business decisions.

As a bonus we will also review your last VAT return and highlight what HMRC are looking at now they have MTD…

MTD was not brought into help make managing taxes easier, it was brought into to make investigating tax submissions easier.

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    The problem with not knowing how good your Xero Bookkeeping is?

    You’ll pay more taxes…

    Poor bookkeeping inevitably leads to you paying the incorrect amount of tax, be it VAT, Corporation Tax or Personal Tax. So you will either pay too much tax, or you will be fined for paying the incorrect tax. Neither is a palatable option

    You are more likely to have a HMRC Investigation…

    As HMRC can now see your entire accounting data as a result of MTD they have data mining software looking for anomalies and obvious errors. Businesses with poor quality records can be flagged for further investigations very easily.

    You’ll make uninformed decisions…

    Cobbling your VAT accounts together every quarter, or your accounts 6 months after the year-end will give you absolutely no insight into the position of the business. You will have no idea about what potential tax bills that could be due imminently. A lack of real-time accounting information means you could make potentially business crippling decisions, or worse miss out on hugely profitable opportunities.

    Frequently Asked Questions?

    • How long does it take?

      About 1 minute to add us as user, then 15 minutes for us to feedback to you about the quality of your accounting data.

    • I have an accountant, surely they pick this up?

      Many firms do not carry out such extensive reviews. In truth that is not what they are engaged to do, they are engaged to produce accounts from a set of data and submit them to HMRC and Companies House, not review your bookkeeping quality.

    • Can my accountants/bookkeeper see I am checking on them?

      It’s your right when you employ an accountant to check that your business accounts are up-to-date. This, in our eyes, is your rightful due diligence.

    • Is my data safe?

      All of your data is safe with us, everything we do is recorded and backed up. This means you can see all historical activity on your accounts, down to the smallest detail. 

    • Can you use my data to defraud me?

      At Northern Accountants, customer safety is our priority. We handle each and every account with the utmost due diligence it deserves. We’ll make sure all of your personal data is kept safe, out of harm’s way.

    • I do it myself, I know it’s right

      That’s completely fine. Your accounts could be in perfect working order. However, if you’ve read through our website, you may be able to see that your business could be missing some vital tracking or financial management information. If so, then get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you and your company flourish.

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      We’ll do the rest

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