Enjoy mobile accounting with Xero

Here at Northern Accountants, we use Xero to do business on-the-go and maximise organisation. One of the apps our clients use to keep track of essential business information is Xero and, at Northern Accountants, we’re here to help with implementation and training of this app to streamline company processes – wherever you may be.

Why use the Xero app?

As remote working becomes an increasingly common demand and international travel is built into many job roles, it’s essential to have a platform from which to keep track of business – and that’s where Xero comes into play. With this app, you can run your business from anywhere with confidence, whether you’re commuting between meetings, are away from your desk or even on holiday and need to deal with an essential business matter.

The purpose of Xero is to ensure you can stay mobile without missing out on vital and ongoing business insights. With essential tools at your fingertips, all you need is the Xero app to stay in the loop with your team and keep up with company progression.

How is the Xero app used?

Being able to do business anytime, anywhere is beautiful. Xero has many useful features designed to make corporate life easier. So, whether you want to manage invoices on the move to stay ahead of cashflow problems, or have a thorough understanding of all bank transactions at the start of each and every day – you can. The Xero app is also used to create professional looking invoices which can be smoothly forwarded to clients, and to manage contacts. You can also view important client details at a glance, such as invoice and bill activity including how many days a client usually takes to pay.

What it does – additional benefits

The Xero app is all about streamlining your business efforts without confining you to an office or even a desk. It’s all about embracing the mobile life, which is a huge benefit for remote workers, busy commuters or those who travel constantly for business reasons. Xero also allows you to stay on top of bills, so you don’t have outstanding payments for long periods of time, creating a false cashflow impression. It can monitor business spending and make reporting on-the-go much easier to handle. For example, Xero displays the visibility of all bank account balances and other essential information on the dashboard.

Xero is all about maximising your business efforts without the need for long meetings and an abundance of paperwork. Anyone with access can view key stats and figures, ensuring that everyone within your team is working from the same page, no matter where they are in the world. Getting clients to drive your business forward is also easier than ever as quotes can be turned into invoices with just a few clicks. It really is that simple.

Xero Training

Visit our Xero Training page to find out more about our Cloud Academy and Xero as part of the NA AppStack training courses we deliver for clients.

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