Bad debts are a major risk to every business owner. A single bad debt can wipe out your profits (and months of hard work) or even take a business under. They cannot and should not be taken lightly.

Unfortunately, many SMEs do little or nothing about bad debts - accepting it as part of being in business, usually because managing it closely comes at a significant cost. Not anymore.

If your business would benefit from being able to assess potential clients or current customers before agreeing to give them credit, ask us about Satago – an intelligent piece of software that can help to eliminate risk from your field of work.

At Northern Accountants, all our clients are given access to Satago completely free of charge to limit their exposure to bad debts. Using detailed Experian Credit reports, you can analyse the risk within your debtors’ ledger and take action before disaster strikes.

Satago’s automated credit control features will help you manage risk by assessing whether someone is credit worthy. If necessary, you can free up cash from your debtors’ ledger by selling an invoice at to a third party a discount by using the ‘spot financing’ facility offered by Satago.

Complete peace of mind for business owners who want to give credit in confidence.

Reduce the risk of bad debts and increase your profits, get in touch or call 0113 218 9552 today and find out how Satago can identify where your credit risks lie.

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