Receipt Bank.

Why choose Receipt Bank?

For any bookkeeper or accountant - professional or amateur - one of the biggest challenges faced is management of receipts and invoices. And, perhaps surprisingly in this digital age, the issuance of paper receipts means that it remains all too common for folders and drawers full of scrunched up paperwork to need filing and data to be entered. However, thanks to Receipt Bank, there is now an easier way to manage all of your receipts - and all in a way that reduces the paperwork involved.

Simple bookkeeping support

Receipt Bank provides simple, secure bookkeeping support for accountants and businesses that wish to streamline processes and reduce manual data entry tasks. This cloud-based system integrates with some of the world’s leading online accountancy platforms - such as Xero, Quickbooks, Sage, and KashFlow - to provide a quick and easy way to enter transactions with just a few clicks.

In fact, there’s barely any clicks required at all, with the partner app utilising an innovative data extraction process that enables you to take a photograph of your receipt or bill. Key information will then be taken direct from the photo and be entered into your accountancy software. No manual data. And no paper receipts. Just quick and efficient documentation of your expenses.

Streamline the process

The benefits of using Receipt Bank are obvious to anyone that regularly has to update their accounts with purchases. From fuel bills to restaurant and entertainment fees, this intelligent solution streamlines the process for beginning to end, making your work easier by far. Plus, it even supports foreign currencies for those working in international regions - a process that will prove invaluable to centralised accounting departments with thousands of employees.

Utilising cloud storage

By embracing secure cloud storage, Receipt Bank also enables you to log and save all your receipts in a safe environment that will be protected and regularly backed up. As such, you will no longer need to keep paper copies of your receipts and invoices, with all details online and easy to access if and when required. What’s more, you will also be presented with a number of data export options that will help generate reports, with CSV and PDF exporting quick and easy.

Whether you’re an accountancy firm working with myriad clients and are seeking time saving and advanced automation options for logging purchases, or are an in-house accounts department embracing the best streamlining options, choosing Receipt Bank will represent the ideal addition to your organisation.

Receipt Bank Training

Visit our Receipt Bank Training page to find out more about our Cloud Academy and Receipt Bank as part of the NA AppStack training courses we deliver for clients.

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