It doesn’t matter which industry or sector your business specialises in, automated money collection will ensure you get paid on time, every time. No more unpaid invoices. No more chasing clients or customers.

When you’re working hard to provide goods or services, you’ve earned the right to be paid promptly. Unfortunately, some clients and customers drag their heels when it comes to paying bills.

Directli and GoCardless can put an end to this by providing you with an automated Direct Debit facility to collect the money that’s owed to you, on the day it is due to you. Not only does this help your customers fulfil their contractual obligations, it saves them the time (and hassle) of physically making the payment.

If your business would benefit from an end to payment delays, ask us about Directli & GoCardless – intelligent software that can help put more money in your bank account and improve cash flow. At Northern Accountants, all our clients are given the option to use these services to reduce the amount of money on their debtors’ ledger.

Stop being British and stop worrying about asking for money, use Directli Xero integration or GoCardless to do it for you automatically.

Eliminate the worry of late payments, get in touch or call 0113 218 9552 to find out how automated money collection can transform your business.


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