Automate debt tracking and credit control with the Chaser app

Here at Northern Accountants, we know how important it is to take control of your finances. That’s why we utilise apps such as Chaser for debt tracking and credit control. Chaser software takes the stress out of invoicing, saves time through automation and encourages good payment habits. As part of our App Stack, the Northern Accountants team helps clients with the implementation and training of Chaser to streamline their invoicing process.

Why use the Chaser app?

As an SME, it’s important to stay as organised as possible, particularly when it comes to invoicing. Chasing payments that have already been made can look highly unprofessional, so it’s a good idea to have software in place that automates the invoicing process to avoid confusion. With debtor tracking software such as the Chaser app, you can follow-up outstanding invoices efficiently, escalating emails to more senior people when needed. You can also build up positivity and goodwill by sending an automated thank you message when payments are made. With personalisation features, all Chaser communication looks like they have come from your own email address with no hint of automation.

How is the Chaser app used?

One of the main reasons we like Chaser at Northern Accountants is that it’s quick and easy to implement. Chaser syncs with your system in just two minutes and remains up-to-date, so you never have to worry about approaching clients twice for the same payment. Indeed, Chaser syncs in just one click. What’s more, all customer and invoice information needed for Chaser to run is uploaded automatically, meaning no tedious manual labour. The system updates the second before any chasers are sent, to be absolutely sure all updates are registered. This gives our clients peace of mind and streamlines communication effectively.

What Chaser does – additional benefits

Chaser is a complete personalised debt chasing solution tailored to your business. As no two SMEs are the same, the app uses your unique invoicing information and data to send out relevant chasers to clients. A highlight of the Chaser app is that you can chase customers with different templates using your own personal style and tone of voice. Moreover, with Chaser, creating different invoicing schedules for different customers is easy. Good and bad payers can be approached accordingly with chasing emails sent at the most appropriate time. For more stubborn payers, you can CC senior team members and account managers.

With Chaser, you can also send multiple invoices in one email. The software will automatically group invoices and send a single email to each customer with your usual email signature including logos and images. Preview emails are available too, so you can see exactly which customers are being included in your next chase and edit where necessary. A history of all communication is maintained for your reference.

Chaser Training

Visit our Chaser Training page to find out more about our Cloud Academy and Chaser as part of the NA AppStack training courses we deliver for clients.

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