Accountants for marketing & PR agencies.

PR and marketing specialists enjoy being creative and promoting clients.

Using years of acquired knowledge and expertise to help clients gain more exposure can often be a very rewarding process.

Unfortunately, monitoring your own business’ balance sheet is rarely relished in quite the same way. If you’re a PR agency or freelance publicist who hates getting bogged down by essential financial administration, our marketing and PR accountants can help you to focus on doing what you do best.

We represent a wide range of businesses and individuals operating within the PR, marketing and media sector - providing advisory services that can save time and money. Whether you need basic accounting and tax advice or have more complex compliance issues, we can implement solutions that are perfectly-suited to your requirements.

For those agencies which are looking to grow, we can advise you about the company structuring opportunities available or put strategies in place to help you maximise your profits (and minimise your tax).

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