Accountants for Dentists.

Dentists complete years of training because they want to improve the way people smile and feel. They go into the profession to drill and fill, not to get bogged down by the administrative processes that accompany running a business.

But as an experienced accountants for dentists, we know operating your own practice can be very stressful – especially when it comes to juggling patient care with all the essential payroll, contractual and taxation matters.

Our role is to ease the pressure on your shoulders by taking care of all the financial and commercial aspects of your practice - not just your dental bookkeeping. This includes managing cash flow, structuring budgets, amortizing assets, filing business incorporation documents, selecting suitable levels of insurance as well as all common tax planning and accounting preparation services.

By combining our business expertise with in-depth knowledge of the dental industry, we help dentists to excel financially by improving how their practice is run. Working together, we will devise the best way to benchmark, save money on taxes, manage operating expenses and maximize profits. Our specialist accountants for dentists will also advise you about cloud accounting software that can automate time-consuming processes like invoicing and complement existing practice-management software.

Whether you’re a seasoned self-employed dentist or a recent graduate associate with relatively little experience, we recognise that you have dedicated years of your life to training – and may have begun your career burdened by high levels of debt incurred at dental school. From the first day of working together, we will be committed to devising a detailed personal financial plan that will pay off your debts, make the most of your working life and allow you to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

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