Phil Ellerby

Founder & CEO

Hi, my name is Phil, I am the founder of Northern Accountants and have seen the business evolve into the kind of practice that I believe, delivers the client’s needs and not just that of its partners. Read more

Ben Muncaster

Operations Director

Hi, my name is Ben, I’m the Operations Director at Northern Accountants and my goal is to make us the best in class at what we do. Although I want us to constantly strive to be the best at everything we do, I also want us to do it the ‘NA way’. Read more

Michael Harle

Director – Doncaster

Hi my name is Michael and I am the director of the Northern Accountants office in Doncaster, and since joining I have been proud to work with a team of people that shares a collective vision for the future. Read more

Sally Claxton

Client Manager

Hi, my name is Sally and I am a Head of Accountancy at the Hull office of Northern Accountants. My main role is to work in partnership with the clients we have in Hull and the East Yorkshire region. Read more

Shaun Lindley

Client Manager

Hi, my name is Shaun and I’m the Head of Accountancy at our Leeds office. My role is to support clients with every aspect of their accounts. Read more

Kelly Wallace

Cloud Accounting Specialist

Hi, my name is Kelly, my role within Northern Accountants is a Financial Controller. This is a full finance function for our clients helping them run their businesses efficiently and effectively. Read more

Jayne Waugh

Cloud Accounting Specialist

Hi, my name is Jayne and I am Head of Cloud Services at Northern Accountants. My role is to ensure that my team deliver their client’s compliance obligations in a timely and accurate manner. Read more

Luke Pickering

Client Taxation Manager

Hi, I’m Luke, a Client Taxation Manager here at Northern Accountants. I’m responsible for ensuring that our clients are in the most desirable position from a tax perspective, allowing them to expand their business ventures or investment portfolio. Read more

Adam Beagin

Head Of Payroll

Hi, I’m Adam. I’m the Head of Payroll here at Northern Accountants. I make sure that all of our client’s wages, payroll enquires, and services, are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. Read more

Robyn Jones

Cloud Accounting Specialist

Hi, my name is Robyn I’m a Cloud Accountancy Specialist and my role is to maximise our clients’ experience by utilising my technical accounting knowledge, whilst also being able to advise on the best practice to enhance business growth and stability. Read more

Sarah Lockwood

Financial Controller

Hi, my name is Sarah Lockwood. It’s my role at Northern Accountants Ltd to financially control our internal clients and handle Xero queries. Read more

Tyler Boston

Excellence Administrator

Hi my name is Tyler and I am the administration coordinator at Northern Accountants, handling calls and making clients feel comfortable when they attend our Leeds office. Read more

Georgia Copley

Payroll Apprentice

Hi, my name is Georgia, I am an Excellence Administrator at Northern Accountants. I ensure that all the necessary data entry and accounts administration is completed accurately, efficiently, and on time. Read more

James Harrison

Financial Controler

Hi, my name is James and I’m a financial controller here at Northern Accountants. I ensure that our clients are provided with the information and knowledge they need to they can make better business decisions. Read more

Job Positions

Want to join our team?

Visit our recruitment page to learn more about Northern Accountants, and to see what roles we have available. Read more

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