By Phil Ellerby

Transforming the tax system has been at the top of HMRC’s accounting agenda for the past few years. And it’s going to be happening sooner than you think!

In April, every business in the country will have to adopt modern technology to file their VAT digitally.

If your company still relies on paper accounting systems, we believe you should go digital before the Government’s new VAT rules are introduced under Making Tax Digital.

Not convinced? Take a look at these five practical reasons for doing so…

1. You’ll provide better service

Digital documentation allows you to provide better customer service. If you’re not dealing with an overflowing in-tray or stacks of paper, you’ll be able to devote extra time to your actual work (and customers).

2. More efficient

Securely access your accounts, invoices, bank reconciliations and cash flow charts from any laptop, tablet, PC, Mac or smartphone to make your admin significantly quicker and easier.

3. You’ll exude professionalism

Paper invoicing now feels very dated and doesn’t give off a professional image for your business. Neither does presenting a crumpled set of accounts (with illegible handwriting). Using apps like Xero and Quickbooks to send invoices projects a modern and tech-savvy vibe – helping you stand out from the crowd.

4. You’ll be more connected

Fully-connected accounting solutions empower you to make decisions based on real-time data – a crucial asset in today’s ever-changing business environment.

5. You’ll be HMRC compliant

When Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT starts to roll out in April, all your VAT information MUST be submitted to HMRC digitally. If you don’t act now, you’re going to be struggling to comply when this fast-approaching deadline arrives.

Ready to make the switch to digital?

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