By Phil Ellerby

Here we provide a quick summary of the Small Business Grant Scheme updated as of Tuesday 31st March.

Small Business Grant Scheme

What is it?

It is a one-off coronavirus grant of £10,000 that is being made available to those who pay little or no business rates.

It is designed to help businesses meet their ongoing costs, such as rent, electric, etc

Who is eligible?

Businesses based in England

Businesses that occupy a business property

Businesses receiving Small Business or Rural Rates Relief at 11/03/2020

How do you access it?

Differing local authorities have differing processes. For some you do nothing, others you complete a form, others you complete an application online.

Below are the links to our local authorities and their process.



East Riding of Yorkshire







To find your local council click here

It should be a painless process but please note there are no timescales on this.

If you need clarity on any of the updates around business support during COVID-19, please contact the Northern Accountants team on 0113 218 9952.