By Phil Ellerby

As part of Northern Accountants’ response to help clients in the midst of COVID-19, we gave our clients full access to our suite of recommended cloud accounting apps, the NA AppStack. This included implementation, training and support from our Cloud Accounting Specialists – all free to help them with much-needed cash flow and debt management during the pandemic lockdown.

You can find out more about the support package in – What we have done

And more in why we acted so quickly when many of our peers didn’t in – Why we have done it

Our NA AppStack page gives an overview of the four apps which helps businesses with:

A real-time accounting software: Xero

An automated purchase invoice processing software: Receipt Bank

An automated credit control function: Chaser

A real-time cash flow modeling software: Float

For more information, click on the NA App Stack page to find how each one helps finance teams and the unparalleled training we deliver through our Cloud Accounting Specialists. For more information, contact the team on 0113 218 9552.