By Phil Ellerby

As part of the week’s NA Action Plan, this third in the series looks at the tax options available to help businesses utilise their losses from the COVID-19 outbreak.

Each day our clients receive an email and video link from Phil Ellerby our CEO. This is part of the business survival package we launched last month. The NA Action Plan was launched as the second part of the package with day three focusing on the subject of tax. Here Phil gives an overview of all the tax options available and how businesses can manage their losses using the tax incentives available.

Some tax options are more applicable than others. This depends on the business but by watching the video, our clients are given a clearer insight and can make informed decisions about how to act with the support of our Client Managers.

Click on the link to watch the video as Phil takes a comprehensive look at each one with a more detailed look at R&D tax on day four of the series.

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If you would like to talk to one of our Client Managers about tax options or any financial issues as a result of the pandemic, book a Discovery Call today on 0113 218 9552.