By Phil Ellerby

Day four in the daily updates to clients as our COVID-19 business support continues. To help clients get through the financial challenges the pandemic brings, yesterday they received the next part in their NA Action Plan. This time focusing on R&D tax.

On day three Phil Ellerby our CEO gave an overview of tax options available for businesses to utilise their losses from the impact of coronavirus. In this video, Phil digs deeper into R&D and captures the 5 step eligibility questions which form the next steps to starting a claim. R&D tax is often overlooked as businesses think they do not match the criteria set by HMRC. However, as we have found in our own business here at Northern Accountants, the obvious is not always the case.

Click on the link and watch the video to find out what key areas are considered in an R&D claim, then take Phil’s 5 step guide to see if you are eligible.

If you answer yes to all 5 questions then speak to one of our Client Managers who will take you through the next steps.

You can also click on the link to watch the video Phil did for all tax options available.

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Or check out the link to the COVID-19 Response page where you will find all the videos and blogs put together following the coronavirus outbreak.

If you would like to talk to one of our Client Managers about R&D or tax, in general, to find out what applies to you, please book a Discovery Call on 0113 218 9552.