By Phil Ellerby

In the last of the five videos from Northern Accountants’ NA Action Plan, we look at funding available to help businesses with the financial challenges of COVID-19. Each day our clients received videos with advice direct to their inbox which is proving vital in the fight to survive the restrictions on businesses and the impact on finances.

Here Phil Ellerby, CEO looks at CBILS as well as other alternative funding options. He also gives an update on his conversations with bank managers, and their view on the real reason there are delays in financial support businesses need. Listen to our shopping list of what you must do to prepare the information and the importance of getting this right first time

Phil also highlights tools from NA’s AppStack and the support the team is giving clients to pull together the information the banks need quicker and more accurately.

Listen to alternative funding options available including the access we have to 100’s of lenders through NA Money.

If you need help with finance, click on the link to watch Day 5’s NA Action Plan CBILS and NA Money video in full.

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If you would like to speak to one of our Client Managers about CBILS, NA Money, or any of the support from our NA Action Plan, please call on 0113 218 9552.