By Phil Ellerby

The second of this week’s email and video went out yesterday to clients with instructions for their NA Action Plan. This time we looked at cash flow and budgeting. These are daily actions to help clients as part of their COVID-19 survival package Northern Accountants put together last month.

Everyday updates are landing in our clients’ inboxes with valuable support to help them get through the coronavirus lockdown. Yesterday’s topic focused on where to start to get a grip on your cash flow and budgeting. CEO Phil Ellerby talks about the alarming percentage of businesses that do not have cash flow or budget planning in place. He also gives a step by step guide to managing personal and business budgets during this time.

As a client of Northern Accountants, we gave away the AppStack as our response package to COVID-19. We also have our team and trusted associates on hand to help clients continue to beat the restrictions the pandemic has put on them and their employees.

Here you’ll find the link to the video for NA Action Plan Cash Flow and Budgets.

Also a link to our COVID-19 Response page which includes videos of support and blogs on what and why we did it.

If cash flow and budgets are becoming an increasing concern, contact the team as first steps on 0113 218 9552 today.