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50 actionable business tips that successful business owners do

There's no point giving out small business advice that’s great in theory but cannot be put into action. Having worked in big businesses and for SMEs, we're well placed to give practical help, business tips and advice based on years of experience. We believe you deserve to be...

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71 tax saving tips: Pay less tax & keep more of your money!

Every business person we know would like to pay less tax and keep more of the money they earn. Well, now they can simply by taking a look at our 71 top tax saving tips, a comprehensive list of helpful advice that will help you make the most of your money and keep the Tax Man happy. ...

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In a hurry? Being patient could increase your sales by a huge 3,109%

Did you know that research suggests that 73% of business buyers say 'No' at least five times to any salesperson before they eventually say 'Yes'? The same researchers discovered that a staggering 92% of salespeople give up before they receive the fifth 'No' and move on to another target....

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6 simple strategies to turn a negative customer into a loyal follower

Customer feedback forms are the single best way to improve customer satisfaction because instead of guessing what your customers think, you actually get to know for sure. Research shows that only 4% of dissatisfied customers ever complain. The other 96% go quietly away. Unfortunately, 91%...

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Get great new business leads by saying 'no' to bad opportunities

Winning new business is always a good feeling but is it always the right thing for your business? Are you saying yes when you should say no? Here's how t...

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How the new Flat Rate VAT changes 2017 WILL affect you!

There are two main reasons why business owners need to be aware of the significant Flat Rate VAT changes for 2017: You may need to pay HMRC more VAT You could end up with a hefty VAT bill at a later date This is why it's important for anyone w...

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