By Phil Ellerby

Did you know that research suggests that 73% of business buyers say ‘No’ at least five times to any salesperson before they eventually say ‘Yes’?

The same researchers discovered that a staggering 92% of salespeople give up before they receive the fifth ‘No’ and move on to another target.

In other words, 92% of impatient salespeople rush from company to company chasing the 27% of sales where the buying decisions are made quickly. However, the other 8% of salespeople (the patient ones) are the only ones who stand a chance of winning the other 73% of sales!

Look at the maths and you’ll discover something that could give your business all the new customers and sales you can cope with! It’s called patience.

Yes, that statistic sounds unbelievable, but if you do the maths for yourself it’s not. In fact, if you do take a look at the maths, you’ll discover that (on average) it is the patient companies (the ones with patient salespeople who persevere beyond the fifth ‘No’) who will win a massive 3,109% more customers than their impatient counterparts.

Why patience WILL pay off eventually

To put it another way: For every new sale that the impatient salesperson wins, the patient salesperson wins 31!

Of course, every single person who sells anything in your business may already be part of that very elite band – the 8% who are already very patient. But can you be really sure? With up to 31 times as many sales as your rivals at stake, it’s probably worth making 100% sure, isn’t it? That’s why it is vital to ensure your salespeople are patient and persistent.

By making sure your systems support them in their role, you will make it easy for them to be patient – and it will be impossible to give up too soon.