Get great new business leads by saying ‘no’ to bad opportunities

By Phil Ellerby

Winning new business is always a good feeling but is it always the right thing for your business? Are you saying yes when you should say no?

Here’s how to find out – ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your vision for your business?
  • What is missing where you are now?
  • What needs to happen in order for your vision to become a reality?

The aim of following this process is to:

  • Develop a crystal clear vision of what you want your life to look like
  • Use your life vision to create the vision of what you want in your business
  • Make a list of what actions you need to take in order to go from where you are now to where you want to be
  • Take consistent actions toward your vision
  • Evaluate every new opportunity to determine if it moves you closer to your vision

It’s a BAD opportunity if:

  • You don’t feel good about the work you’d have to do
  • You wouldn’t be paid fairly
  • You don’t like the people you’d have to work with

It’s a GOOD opportunity if:

  • It gives you good experience but pays poorly
  • It pays well but doesn’t fit with your vision
  • You’d enjoy the type of work and pay but not the people you’d work with or place you’d do the work

It’s a GREAT opportunity if:

  • You love the work you’re doing
  • You get paid well for what you do
  • You feel inspired and invigorated by the people you’d work with and the place you’d do the work

Remember, when a client chooses to work with you, it does not make it a foregone conclusion that you will accept their request. You are in the driving seat. Use the system above to say NO to good opportunities … and YES to great ones! Happy opportunity hunting!