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COVID-19 Government support for businesses and employees

By Phil Ellerby

Here we share updates from the government as they unfolded from Thursday 17th March 2020. Our CEO Phil Ellerby shares his perspective and gives advice on what it means for businesses and employees in the midst of COVID-19.

Please find the first stage of videos in date order and keep checking back in for more updates as we upload them here on our blog page.

Helping Businesses Stay in Business 

1. Thursday 19th March 2.30pm - Northern Accountants Helping Businesses Stay in Business during COVIC-19 - Link

2. Thursday 19th March 8.00pm - Northern Accountants Government Announcement Update - Link

3. Saturday 21st March 8.30am - Northern Accountants Government Announcement Update - Link

4. Sunday 22nd March 8.30pm - Northern Accountants Key Worker and Education Support Update - Link

5. Monday 23rd March 8.30am - Northern Accountants Frequently Asked Questions regarding Employee Retention Grants - Link

We are currently in contact with clients providing support and additional services during this time. Should you wish to contact us regarding any of the above issues, please call 0113 218 9552 to speak to a member of #TeamNA. Where we are on calls, we will take your details and one of us will call you back.  

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