By Phil Ellerby

Customer feedback forms are the single best way to improve customer satisfaction because instead of guessing what your customers think, you actually get to know for sure.

Research shows that only 4% of dissatisfied customers ever complain. The other 96% go quietly away. Unfortunately, 91% of these never come back.

Furthermore, a typical dissatisfied customer will tell 8 to 10 people about his or her problems. This is why it’s so important to obtain feedback from customers at every opportunity.

By actively seeking out complaints you get a chance to put things right rather that losing that business.

Addressing the concerns of dissatisfied customers provides a wonderful opportunity to exceed expectations and turn them into raving fans.

If things can be corrected to the customer’s delight, a complaint can actually increase customer loyalty.

Unfortunately, customer feedback forms are often implemented poorly. They ask the wrong questions and responses are handled badly or sometimes even ignored completely.

A customer does not want to receive a time-consuming and complicated survey and see nothing happen as a result. If that’s the case, is there any wonder people are reluctant to complete these forms in the first place?

Follow these 6 simple steps to use and act on customer feedback:

  • Set your business objectives – this will help you design your form and ask the right questions.
  • Have systems in place to record and handle the feedback when received.
  • Always acknowledge complaints, let customers know you’re dealing with it – and say you’ll be in touch.
  • Respect your customer’s time, make the form fast and easy to complete.
  • Make the questions relevant.
  • Always get back to the customer and check that you have resolved the complaint to their satisfaction.

At Northern Accountants, we are passionate about customer service and always welcome feedback whether it is good or bad. This is because we know our customers are the best people to help us improve our services in the future. All our feedback forms are designed to be quick and simple to fill in and we review our customer satisfaction results annually.

If you’d like us to help you do the same, get in touch – we’ll be happy to discuss the systems you can put in place to improve your business.