By Georgia Copley

BrightPay Connect makes managing your payroll quick and easy.

The simple to use to payroll software is desktop-based, and it has many tips and tricks to make payroll run smoothly.

Finding your payslips and keeping up to your HMRC payments has never been easier.

Table of contents:

How To Find HMRC Payments In BrightPay Connect

Firstly, log into your brightPay connect.

Now you will be in your employer dashboard from here you will need to click into your HMRC Payments tab.

This will now take you to your total amount due and your payment periods that are pending.

You can also click on a payment to view the full P30, this shows you the full breakdown of how the amounts are calculated.

How To Find Hourly Paid Staff In BrightPay Connect

To find your hourly paid staff in BrightPay, first, you will need to go into your employee dashboard and select payment method of hourly paid.

This will now show you all your employees who are paid hourly.

How To Find Payslips In BrightPay Connect

Once logged into your BrightPay Connect account, click into the tab named employees.

This will now take you to all your individual employees on your payroll.

Now click into the employee of choice.

You will now see a notifications box and employee details box.

In the notifications box, you will be able to click in all payslips for this employee who are active.

How To Get Payroll Summary In BrightPay Connect

Firstly, log into your BrightPay connect.

Now click into reports and into payroll summary.

You will now see a drop-down to put in the month you need the payroll summary FROM and TO.

Finally, you run the report and it will appear on your screen.

How To Send Out Employee Invitations In BrightPay Connect

This is through your employee dashboard as shown in the example below…

Now all you need to do is click send invitation email which will trigger the email automatically to the employees of choice.

If you cannot manually do this it could be because your employee self-service options are not on. This can only be done by the admin of the account.

How To Find Document Uploads In BrightPay Connect

The documents section in BrightPay is an easy way to save details you may later need in there.

To upload this information firstly you will need to go into your dashboard in your BrightPay connect.

Now click into document and press ADD (this will now let you upload a document to save in this section)

How To Find Your P45 In BrightPay Connect

  • Log into your BrightPay connect.
  • Click the tab Reports
  • Scroll down to find P45
  • Click into this and the document will then be available to download or print.

How To Access Your P32 In BrightPay Connect

First, you will need to login to your account and click on the tab called Reports.

Then the below will appear …

Now you will need to click into p32, and the document will appear for all employees.

How To Change Personal Details In BrightPay Connect

You can change your personal details by logging into your dashboard and clicking into the tab called employees. From here you will need to click into the employee of choice who needs their details changing.

You will now see a box called employee details. All you need to do now is click on update details and this will let you edit all details for this employee.

How To Access Your Calendar To Book Annual Leave

    • Firstly, log into your BrightPay connect.
    • You will now be on your dashboard and will need to click into the calendar.
    • From here you can see all the different months.
    • All you now do is click “add leave” and this will give a box of information to fill in to submit your annual leave.

What Next?

BrightPay is a quick and easy use of payroll software. Its simple steps above to process payroll make payroll for larger clients more accessible and more manageable.

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