“The landscape for Accountancy services is changing”

No longer is an annual meeting with your Accountant enough. Business Owners demand and deserve more – they need to be financially empowered. 

Being financially empowered means your tax affairs are financially well organised. Your accounting function is financially well structured. You know the actual position of your accounts, ensuring you are financially well informed. You must also not be reliant on your accountant to provide this information, meaning you need to be financially well trained in accounting.

Phil Ellerby

At Northern Accountants, we will financially empower you…

We will organise your finances…

Giving you complete peace of mind that you know your exact position with all taxes, every month and that your accounts are as tax efficient as possible.

We will add structure to your business…

Bringing the power and control ‘large’ businesses have with their robust accounting departments to your fingertips, accessible 24/7.

We will inform you about what matters…

Providing you with a complete and real-time snapshot of EVERY tax you are liable for, EVERY month.

We will train you…

Ensuring you know how to get the very best out of your accounting function by understanding the numbers and the systems you use.

Your Business Deserves More From Your Accountant

Are you unsure about the quality of your accounts?

Contact us for a Xero health check of your accounts. We’ll show you exactly where your accounts need improving, for FREE!

    Bad Accounting Vs Good Accounting

    • You’ll Pay More Tax

      Poorly structured businesses haemorrhage money in overpaid taxes. Simple lack of pre-year-end tax planning sees HMRC collect £billions in overpaid taxes. To let you into a secret, HMRC only want you to pay the tax you owe, not a penny more!

    • Complete Tax Support

      You will pay exactly the right amount tax, at exactly the right time. Our regular tax reviews and forecasts will ensure no stone will be left unturned in ensuring you pay the minimum legal and ethical level of tax.
    • You’ll Waste Time and Money

      The accounting function is dead-time, it makes you £0, nothing. It simply costs you time and money. It needs to function at the click of a button and not hours of mundane data entry. Meaning software and automation are non-negotiable. A poorly structured accounting function wastes of hours of time, and consequently stops you earning, costing you money.

    • A Fully Functioning Accounting Function

      You will have an automated and integrated accounting process that will ensure you spend the minimum amount of time possible on your accounting administration, allowing you to focus on what you do best, making money.

    • You’ll Make Uninformed Decisions

      Cobbling your VAT accounts together every quarter, or your accounts 6 months after the year-end will give you absolutely no insight into the position of the business. You will have no idea about what potential tax bills that could be due imminently. A lack of real-time accounting information means you could make potentially business crippling decisions, or worse miss out on hugely profitable opportunities.

    • An Understanding of Your Accounts

      Accounting is not a dark art, it is a logical and sequential process. We will make sure you know how to utilise the software in your accounting information and interpret the information it produces for you.

    • You’ll Become Completely Reliant On Someone Else

      Leaving everything to your accountant to ‘sort’ without the knowledge of what they do, how they do it and why they do it, leaves you hugely exposed and vulnerable. Not understanding your financial situation or how to get a view on it can result in terminal business disasters.

    • Insights & Reports

      You will receive regular updates on your key business metric, Sales, Profits, Cash and Tax so know where you are now and where you are likely to be in the future. Allowing you to plan your future growth with confidence and assurance.

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