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Automated credit control, manages risk and assesses credit worthiness. Gives you peace of mind before giving credit, and confidence to take appropriate actions.

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Business owners want to use their accounting information to help reduce their bad debts and increase their profits.


That’s because:

Business owners want to know where their credit risk is
Business owners do not want bad debts

Bad debts are a major risk to every business owner. A single bad debt can wipe out months of hard work, profits or even take a business under. It cannot be taken lightly.

However, many of us do little or nothing about it and accept it as part of business because managing it closely comes at a significant cost.

What if it didn’t?

What if we could limit the exposure?

Well, here at Northern Accountants we can… by using Satago.

Satago is a piece of software that all our clients are given access to completely free of charge.

Satago will:
Provide access to Experien Credit reports, allowing you to check out clients/customers
before giving them credit.
Assess the risk within your debtors ledger, allowing you to action before it is too late.
Allows spot financing of invoices (costs applicable through Satago) to free up cash from the debtors ledger.

Want to discover exactly how we can help you do this?

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Working in a volatile, risky industry, we were often exposed to the risk of bad debt. Satago gives us an insight into the credit worthiness of our clients and limits exposure.
Gavin Esberger, GME Painting Contractors

9 out of 10 business owners take what they can from their business, rather than take what they want - The Numbers delivers the want
Phil Ellerby - Northern Accountants

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