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2. Strategy

Form business plans from your personal goals

Once you have established your personal goals, you can then form a business plan.

A business plan is the blueprint of your business, outlining what you are going to do over the next few years in pursuit of your goals. A formal document, it supports your business goals and establishes the actions required to achieve them.

Operational and financial aims are captured in the business plan, so the document should include management background, future plans, an assessment of the competition and solid research to back claims and forecasts.

Each year your business plan must be converted into a series of forecasts and budgets, mapping out exactly what you aim to earn, spend, invest and achieve - and the implications for your cash flow.

How Northern Accountants help you:

  • Create a business plan – Combining our expertise, knowledge of your business and insights gained through strategic planning tools, we help you to develop and write a powerful business plan
  • Prepare detailed forecasts and budgets – Using the best available financial modelling software, we help you produce robust forecasts and budgets tailored to suit the exact needs of your business
  • Produce a OnePage Annual Plan – A simple, accessible OnePage Plan for the whole business, mapping out the key factors driving success in a logical way, to show results and goals

– It is true what they say ‘What gets measured gets done’. Documenting my plans has delivered a vision for the future and results.
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