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8. Action

Devise and implement an action plan to achieve your personal goals

Nothing changes unless something changes. The final step requires you to develop and implement an action plan, based on everything you have learned. Your action plan will be inspired by:

  • Your goals, objectives and targets, as analysed in Step 1 and 2
  • How well the business is achieving those targets, as analysed in Steps 3 and 4
  • The trends in your performance, as analysed in Step 5
  • Your strengths and weaknesses compared to your competitors, as analysed in Step 6
  • With priorities influenced by the likely payback, as analysed in Step 7

Effective action planning requires a combination of analysis and creativity, studying the facts and exploring the possibilities. A degree of discipline is therefore necessary; it’s essential to avoid knee-jerk reactions and vague goals – your plan needs crystal-clear clarity as to who is going to do what and by when. This in turn makes people accountable for their responsibilities and actions, including you!

Performance measurement and improvement isn’t a one-off task, it’s a never-ending cycle. You should embark on the 8-step process periodically, setting new targets and monitoring your progress to ensure that you are always moving forward.

How Northern Accountants help you:

  • Formalise actions to achieve results – Our clients are entitled to a highly effective Business Builder Review. This business improvement process only takes 2-3 hours of your time, but enables you to identify quick wins – actions that will have maximum impact with minimum effort.

Who knew creating a simple action plan would make such a difference. It’s true that accountability drives action.
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