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Running effective board meetings on a regular basis is a crucial driver behind every successful and profitable business.

These meetings provide a valuable opportunity to discuss The Numbers which most affect your business, your strategy and help you to agree on actions that will enable your business to grow.

Here at Northern Accountants, we now offer a unique service to all our clients – BoardView – a strategic management plan which mirrors the structure of a board meeting to help you achieve the same acceleration of profit.


Every successful business should sit down on a regular basis with a numerate outsider
Sir John Harvey Jones

Learn how to conduct board meetings effectively

BoardView follows a tried and tested structure for running effective board meetings, to start you on the right path to building your profits and achieving your business goals.

We actively encourage all of our clients to hold regular board meetings, which we can attend in whatever capacity you wish. Whether you’d like us to be a silent observer, chairman, adjudicator, technical advisor or a facilitator for brainstorming sessions, our flexible service is designed to fit around your preferences.

We can even prepare the agenda if you require a little help with the structure or want to ensure your meetings deliver results and actions.

Before getting involved with your board meeting, we’ll talk you through the process beforehand to determine what role you would like us to play and agree a fixed fee. And to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our input, we provide an unconditional money back guarantee.

Why you should invest in Boardview

  • To actively drive profits and long-term success for your business
  • You will begin to think and act like a successful business
  • To seize valuable opportunities to reflect and actively plan for the future
  • Bring new direction and focus to your strategic planning
  • Develop accountability within your business – because what gets measured usually gets done

How can we help?

An outsider’s perspective can challenge preconceived ideas about how things are done in your business or industry.

By running effective board meetings on your behalf, we can identify breakthrough ideas and strategies you may not have tried before.

By ensuring there is discipline and accountability in your board meetings, we will help to keep your business on track and effectively manage your time and available resources.

We will use our financial expertise to give you guidance which will ensure that only financially viable projects are pursued.

Five top tips for holding successful board meetings

  1. Make sure the meeting starts before the meeting: Set the agenda, compile any reports which are needed and distribute to everyone who needs them before the board meeting begins.
  2. Keep detailed minutes: Someone should always take notes which are a summary of the points made and any actionable steps to be followed up should be assigned to an owner.
  3. Give recognition and praise: Members of the board will usually respond well to positive feedback so make sure this is a key part of any regular board meetings you stage.
  4. Listen and ask for people’s opinions: By making everyone feel more engaged in the board meeting process, you tend to get more out of it.
  5. Start and end board meetings on time: It might sometimes feel like running a few minutes over doesn’t matter, but if it is hindering productivity further down the line it’s not a good idea.

How to take advantage of BoardView

BoardView is a risk-free investment for your business, with an unconditional money back guarantee.

If you’d like to find out why we are so confident that this service will help to grow your business, get in touch today.

Call us on 0113 218 9552 or email now to make an appointment and learn more.

I will personally refund every penny of your investment in BoardView if you are not delighted with the results. Regular board meetings are proven to deliver results, which is why I am confident in BoardView’s ability to make a difference to your business’ success and profitability.
Phil Ellerby, Partner at Northern Accountants

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