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We provide all the services you would expect of a traditional accountant, the compliance type jobs.  However, this is only the tip of the Iceberg.  Where we really come into our own is where most traditional accountants finish.  Confused?  Let us explain.

Traditional accountants provide the follow services:

  • Annual accounts
  • Corporation Tax
  • Bookkeeping
  • VAT
  • Payroll
  • CIS
  • Self-Assessment

Some, amazingly not all, also provide:

  • Company Secretary
  • Registered Office
  • HMRC Investigation Insurance

We provide all of the above but so much more as well.

The Numbers

We have ingrained the following into our core compliance service and it is these powerful added value services that set us apart for the rest and it is why we are recognised as the best accountancy practice in the country and a leading light in practice excellence.

We believe it is our duty as numbers professionals to deliver a service that is of value to you and not just one that is a necessary evil.

We do this by providing the following:

Personal Balance Sheet

We will summarise your personal assets and liabilities on a single document to clarify your financial position and highlight any potential overlooked Inheritance Tax issues.

Personal Goals

We will deliver a system that ascertains what you want to achieve by running your own  business and turn it into strategic objectives.

Personal Tax Planning

We will review your personal tax strategy every February prior to the tax year ending in April taking into account your financial position and personal goals.

Personal Remuneration Planning

By understanding your personal tax position we will review your personal remuneration strategy every April for the forthcoming tax year.

Company Car Planning

We will use your personal tax position and personal remuneration strategy to devise the most efficient way to run your personal car.

Company Tax Planning

We will carry out a detailed tax planning review three months before your accounting year-end to ensure you are aware of any opportunities to minimise your tax liabilities. Action taken here will allow us to proactively plan for your wealth creation strategies utilising your retained after tax profits.

Financial Performance Report - Short Report

We will analyse the statutory information provided in the accounts to identify key areas of performance and present findings in an understandable and graphical format.

Benchmark Report - Short Report

We will compare your performance against the competition to define your strengths, weaknesses and performance improvement options.

Sensitivity Analysis

We will investigate 'What If' improvements and quantify their impact on your business results.

Action Plan for Improvement

We will produce an action plan to address the areas for improvement, highlighted throughout The Numbers, to deliver your personal goals.

How does this compare to anything you have experienced or received before?

To find out more about The Numbers – follow this link and read on…

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The Numbers

Our award winning ‘Performance Measurement & Improvement’ service provision is a complete and refreshing take on traditional accountancy and here’s how:

All Northern Accountants clients are given The Numbers completely free of charge. Why? Because this is how we do things, we set the scene at no cost to you. This means right from day one you save money.
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GrowthPlan is a systematic communication strategy that encourages thought provoking discussion that creates an action plan to deliver business growth strategies.

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Regular board meetings are a crucial driver behind every successful and profitable business. These meetings provide a valuable opportunity to discuss strategy and agree on actions that will enable your business to grow.

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We take a holistic view of all the taxes that can affect our clients personally in the future as opposed to calculating what they owe historically.

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