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We take away this hassle we specialise in setting up cloud accounting systems, which means you know it is set up the right way and will save you hours of time and frustration.

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Cloud Accounting provides a number of benefits in time and money. Straight forward and easy to use, we introduce them to our clients to make it simpler for them to access and have control over their accounts.
John Burgess, Northern Accountants

Cloud Accountants

Cloud accounting software is designed to help businesses save time and money.

By saving valuable time, you can focus on areas which will help your business (and its profits) to grow.

Cloud accounting, which is sometimes referred to as online accounting, is the process of storing all the financial data about your business securely online.

This means the information is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, whether that’s via a laptop, PC, tablet or smart phone.

But you’re probably wondering:

What’s the biggest benefit of doing this?

Well, unlike with a traditional accountant – where the information is only available via the computers at their premises – cloud accounting software automatically updates your financial information in real time.

With cloud accounts, you can stay on top of your business finances, keep track of purchases and expenses, see how much money is owed to you from customers and get paid faster. And much, much more!

Whilst there’s now a lot of accounting software for small businesses to choose from, Northern Accountants are ‘Gold’ partners for Xero and all of our clients use their popular cloud accounting packages.

If you’re keen to switch to cloud based accounting, get in touch today. Email or call 0113 2189552 and we’ll be happy to explain its benefits.

Why is cloud accounting better than traditional accounting?

Put simply, online accounting means small and medium sized business owners can stay closely connected to their financial data and their accountants.

Because cloud accounting is more flexible than traditional accounts, you can access your businesses’ vital information from anywhere at any time.

One of the main problems with traditional accounting software was the fact that only one person (your accountant) had access to the data.

By using cloud accountants, like ourselves, we can do our job at the same time as key people in your business have access to all the financial and customer details they need.

And because it’s easier to get real-time reports with cloud accounts, you can have 24-hour access to the key numbers behind your business – meaning you to make decisions based on up-to-the-minute information.

The benefits of cloud accounting

People that succeed in business do three things very well:

Firstly, they identify opportunities that will make them money.

Secondly, they recognise where to best utilise their time and resources in order to deliver and scale the process.

Most importantly, they take the hassle out of tasks which won’t help them to make more money.

That’s where cloud accounting software comes into its own.

Because everything is hosted and run online, you don’t need to install or back up anything – it’s all done automatically. The latest updates are also free and available instantly.

This means account balances are entries are always accurate, resulting in fewer errors because of manual data entry.


Other benefits include:

  • It’s affordable
  • You can create and send professional invoices, quotes & credit notes
  • Automatic payment reminders for clients
  • Schedule recurring invoices
  • Receive payments via direct debit
  • Keep track of money you’re entitled to claim back
  • Generate, store and submit VAT returns directly to HMRC
  • Get paid faster
  • Enter details of purchases and expenses
  • View your financial data in real time
  • Reconcile statements and transfer between bank accounts
  • Safe and secure data
  • Free up more time to focus on running your business


Why should a business use cloud accounting?

Because our clients also told us that:

Business owners want access to their accounting information, 24/7, anywhere in the world
Business owners do not want their accounting information stored on their accountant’s servers,to which they have no access

Business owners want to save time, because time is money
Business owners do not want to process bank statements and purchase invoices

Business owners want to know how they are performing on a daily basis
Business owners do not want to know what they did 6 months ago

Business owners want money in their bank accounts
Business owners do not want their money on their debtors ledger

Business owners want to know where their credit risk is
Business owners do not want bad debts

So, having listened to what our clients want, we have invested £50,000 in the last 12 months (2015) to research and implement the very best cloud accounting software to simplify their accounting process.

By taking away this hassle, we will save you hours of time and frustration. Leaving you to focus on what you do best – run a successful business.

Will cloud accounting save me money?

Businesses which use cloud accounting software usually have fewer overheads because they don’t require a traditional server infrastructure to store their accounts data.

And because IT staff are not required to maintain or update the cloud accounting system with costly software updates, even greater savings can be made.

Discover more about cloud accounting software

Want to discuss how our small business accounting software packages could save you time and help you make more money?

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